Sam & Earl: Losing the Farm

In his will Earl left Sam the house they built together.  The house was in Earl's name because it stood on property Earl inherited from his parents.  In 2005 Sam was evicted from his home of 25 years by a band of Earl's cousins that found a technical error on Earl's will and claimed they should inherit the property instead of Sam.  The Oklahoma courts agreed.

Sam moved to a rundown shack and now the cousins are trying to take that from him, claiming he owes back taxes.



Many people who have seen Tying the Knot have asked how they can help Sam in his fight to keep his home. Sam is trying to to sell rabbits to raise money to fight back the cousins, but we all know selling rabbits is no way to pay for a lawyer.

Please contribute to help Sam stay in his home!


If you’d like to send donation to Sam,
1. Write your check to Samuel B______ (we'll fill in the last name to protect Sam)
2. Mail it to:
1049FILMS (for Sam)
262 Tenth St.
Troy, NY 1218